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Google stops displaying Page Rank

In another attempt to destroy the business of link sellers google stopped displaying page rank for websites from April 2016. The last page rank update had taken place in December 2013 .

However there continues to be some demand for text link advertising , however different parameters are being used like MOZ DA, Majestic CF, TF . Google has also been aggressively deindexing websites to cause losses.

Almost all older blogs deindexed

In an indication of the negative tactics link sellers face, almost all blogs on domains registered before 2011 were deindexed as part of Google’s strategy to ensure that all the advertisers money is spent on Google adwords alone. Google and those deindexing were aware of the fact that it is far easier to sell advertising on a blog which is a few years old, than advertising on a newly registered domain name.
Now those whose blog network was deindexed have to waste their time and money to rebuild their blog network.

My Great Idea is Paying off

When my husband left me, I immediately went into panic mode as I realized that I was going to have a rough time trying to support myself if I did not take action quickly. We have two very young children, and they would be spending most of their time with me, which meant more cost for me. This is what caused me to get into real estate. After getting my license, I found that I excelled at selling homes. I am doing really well now, and this past year, I began looking for an app developer in Singapore so that I could have an app created that would help me reach potential customers even easier.

My idea was to great something that would allow me to share all the homes that I have on the market to anyone who is interesting to get early access to them. My hope is that, with the app on people’s phones, they would take a look at it, see something they are interested in contacting me. Continue reading “My Great Idea is Paying off”

A Present for Two Wonderful Parents

As a way of saying thanks for all of the years that my parents have taken care of me, I wanted to give them the birthday present to end all presents. They were both celebrating their 60th birthday this year, and I had something special in mind that would blow their socks off. My parents had never traveled outside of the country, so I wanted to pay for both of them travel the world together. Such a trip requires a lot of money that I didn’t have. To pay for the trip, I used methods by Ewen Chia.

Chia was a whiz at marketing techniques, especially affiliate marketing. That’s why I needed the help of this tools. He was able to make millions from marketing, and I knew that if I did the same things he did, I would be able to afford the trip for my parents. The first thing I needed to make the money was a website. There was just one problem, and that was that I didn’t know how to make a website. I thought I was stuck, but then I realized that Chia didn’t know how to make a website when he first started. Continue reading “A Present for Two Wonderful Parents”