Impersonation attempt on text link publishers in India

Probably the cheapest attempt of Google and other internet companies to sabotage the online publishers earning through text link advertising have been the extremely cheap impersonation attempt they have been subjected to. Powerful anonymous officials will first make wild allegations without proof to put the innocent and harmless text link publisher under surveillance for years wasting a huge amount of indian tax payer money.
These powerful shameless officials will then allegedly falsely claim that their mediocre lazy greedy cheater friends and relatives have the experience, engineering degree, investment, skills, work ethic of the text link publisher to appoint these mediocre lazy frauds to important government jobs at the expense of the experienced and competent engineer and publisher, .
These mediocre cunning frauds would never have got the government job on the basis of their own qualification and experience yet their powerful and shameless relatives and friends will never have the honesty or decency to admit their mistake and continue to draw a government salary despite their great fraud.
The powerful government officials will also claim that their lazy greedy cheater friends and relatives own the online export business to give them lucrative assignments, when these cunning lazy greedy women do not spend a single paisa on the business expenses or do any work.

Financial sabotage of text link publishers

Google has allegedly expertly ensured that Indian tax payer money will be wasted to financially sabotage publishers earning from text link advertising. Powerful officials in the indian internet sector who can conveniently remain anonymous, and are not accountable will harass text link advertisers by:
1. Stealing and diverting their emails, leads and orders
2. Closing their account on different websites without a valid reason
3. Blocking or delaying their payment from different online websites
4. Diverting their phone calls, smses to the friends of these officials
In India, it will especially difficult for the text link advertiser to earn even a single rupee online, as these officials are extremely vicious in harassing the publishers earning from text link advertising, These cheap cowardly perverted cruel officials will waste indian tax payer money to make and circulate defamatory videos of the online publisher to ruin the reputation of the online publisher.

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Section 420 cheater rewarded for looting text link publisher

The problems faced by text link publishers in India are never ending as allegedly Google will do everything possible to destroy competition. A brahmin housewife nayanshree hathwar from bangalore, wife of guruprasad, cheated a single woman engineer and publisher of more than Rs 1,1 lakh providing content which did not pass copyscape , yet bangalore cybercrime refused to take any action against the mediocre housewife,
Allegedly powerful offficials in the indian internet sector have falsely claimed that nayanshree hathwar was the experienced text link publisher, engineer, domain investor to appoint the mediocre inexperienced nayanshree to an important government job at the expense of the experienced engineer and text link publisher.

The powerful officials refuse to admit their mistake or correct it.

Decline in text link advertising rate

For webmasters receiving very few visitors from search engines like Google, they have noticed a significant decline in the text link advertising revenue as various methods are used to sabotage the webmaster to reduce the revenue. Earlier almost 80% of the inventory available for selling text link advertising would be used for displaying advertising, now most text link ad networks are not able to use even 30% of the inventory available.

Some ad network which use automated methods to place text link advertisement are finding that the ads that they place are not visible or do not appear on the publisher websites. In india large ISPs have been blocking certain text link advertising network without a valid reason.