Domains available for rent for seo, research

Please note that no registrar, registry is offering domain names for free, though NTRO, the indian government appears to think so to commit atrocities, exploit on harmless indian domain investors . Domains available for rent for seo, research
Depending on the rental rate offered , can offer up to 400 domains on rent at present
At present, customers offering following rental rate for any domain, may not be google indexed,
mx records only : 0.05 $ per month/per domain
name server changes – $0.1 per month

Most of the parked domains are not making any money at all from PPC, so renting out the domains for seo purposes. Have domains, which indian intelligence and security agencies are not allowing to develop.

for DA>10, wordpress installed , google indexed, rental rate
$1 /month for first three months
$1.5 /month for 3-7 months
$3 /month for 7-12 months

40 domains with wordpress blog installed available for rent from June 1, 2017

30% discount offered for .info, .biz domain names . Rates for existing/aged domains are higher