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Though the mainstream media especially newspapers never carry the news, Shivalli brahmins, gujjus, sindhis, goan gsb, goan bhandari, and others are ruthless in CRIMINALLY DEFAMING, CHEATING, EXPLOITING professionals from poorer communities.
Greedy lazy fraud shivalli brahmin housewives like bengaluru cheater nayanshree 2005 bbm from bhandarkars college of arts and science kundapura, do not want to answer JEE, work as engineers or do any computer work, yet get R&AW salary for impersonating the goa 1989 jee topper, a harmless hardworking single woman engineer from a poor community who has no one to defend her against the shivalli brahmins, and other fraud communities
Indian, karnataka government, ntro, raw, cbi are aware that top bengaluru brahmin cheater nayanshree is only COOKING, CLEANING for her crooked husband, guruprasad, tata power electronics division employee, does not have any online income , yet R&AW is falsely claiming that nayanshree, a cheater owns the bank account, savings, domains including this one, of the goa 1989 jee topper allegedly based on the lies of apostek director puneet, ntro employee j srinivasan, to pay nayanshree a monthly raw salary at the expense of the goa 1989 jee topper since 2013
The apostek director puneet like nayanshree has refused to reply to repeated requests for clarifications

Though the indian government falsely claims bengaluru cheater nayanshree , who does not pay any money for domains, owns this website to pay her a monthly government salary, websites in the network rank 9 out of 10 places for shivalli brahmin fraud, and also ranks well for goan bhandari fraud

One hour’s time wasted to file GST returns due to slow internet connection, server problem

Google, tata, indian tech and internet companies are always ridiculing and belittling the computer work done by older single women at home, they forget that a huge amount of time is wasted, which could be used for cleaning, cooking or other activities
Google, tata, indian tech and internet companies are always praising housewives for keeping their house in perfect condition, they conveniently forget that the cheater housewives do not waste time sitting in front of their computer, trying to submit forms, wasting one hour just to file gst returns
Due to internet conectivity problems and server problems a huge amount of time is wasted filing gst returns.
The domain investor has wasted one hour just trying to submit the form, login and submit the form, the indian tech, internet companies refuse to acknowledge the time wasted, offline less time is wasted

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Have you been cheated by shameless scammer sindhis, especially SHAMELESS sindhi scammer housewives who fake engineering degree, experience, domain ownership to get monthly cbi salary at expense of single women engineers who have no one to help them?

Cheap advertising on the top ranked websites in google, bing and other search engines for sindhi scammer housewife featuring panaji high status fairskinned sindhi scammer school dropout cbi employee naina chandan who looks actress sneha wagh, who the goa, indian government falsely claims is an experienced engineer, when no engineering college would admit the kolhapur born sindhi scammer housewife , eighth standard pass, illegally married at 16.

Indicating the high levels of CORRUPTION, FINANCIAL, ONLINE FRAUD, the goan, indian government, indian tech and internet companies led google, tata are falsely claiming that the panaji sindhi scammer housewife naina and her lazy fraud sons karan, nikhil, who do not spend any money on domains, own the domains featuring the sindhi scammer school dropout housewife to waste indian tax payer money, paying the panaji sindhi scammers a monthly government salary, at the expense of the real domain investor

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Impersonation attempt on text link publishers in India

Probably the cheapest attempt of Google and other internet companies to sabotage the online publishers earning through text link advertising have been the extremely cheap impersonation attempt they have been subjected to. Powerful anonymous officials will first make wild allegations without proof to put the innocent and harmless text link publisher under surveillance for years wasting a huge amount of indian tax payer money.
These powerful shameless officials will then allegedly falsely claim that their mediocre lazy greedy cheater friends and relatives have the experience, engineering degree, investment, skills, work ethic of the text link publisher to appoint these mediocre lazy frauds to important government jobs at the expense of the experienced and competent engineer and publisher, .
These mediocre cunning frauds would never have got the government job on the basis of their own qualification and experience yet their powerful and shameless relatives and friends will never have the honesty or decency to admit their mistake and continue to draw a government salary despite their great fraud.
The powerful government officials will also claim that their lazy greedy cheater friends and relatives own the online export business to give them lucrative assignments, when these cunning lazy greedy women do not spend a single paisa on the business expenses or do any work.

Financial sabotage of text link publishers

Google has allegedly expertly ensured that Indian tax payer money will be wasted to financially sabotage publishers earning from text link advertising. Powerful officials in the indian internet sector who can conveniently remain anonymous, and are not accountable will harass text link advertisers by:
1. Stealing and diverting their emails, leads and orders
2. Closing their account on different websites without a valid reason
3. Blocking or delaying their payment from different online websites
4. Diverting their phone calls, smses to the friends of these officials
In India, it will especially difficult for the text link advertiser to earn even a single rupee online, as these officials are extremely vicious in harassing the publishers earning from text link advertising, These cheap cowardly perverted cruel officials will waste indian tax payer money to make and circulate defamatory videos of the online publisher to ruin the reputation of the online publisher.

How Google and others sabotage text link publishers

Google may claim that do no evil is their official motto, yet indirectly it has used extremely unethical tactics to destroy competition especially
Top officials in the indian internet sector, are encouraged to waste tax payer money to make false allegation against innocent webmasters without proof, to defame, harass, cheat and exploit them for years. These arrogant powerful officials will not even bother to understand the business model of the small online publisher, and will spread the most vicious defamatory rumors, Unfortunately these cunning dishonest officials can remain anonymous, while ruining the life of an innocent online publisher.
These officials are extremely shameless and will never admit their mistake, though they have been proved to be wrong. Like all cowardly frauds these officials will never have the courage or honesty to justify their great fraud in an open debate where the person they have defamed has a chance to justify himself or herself.

Text Link publisher victim of a major sex scam in India

As mentioned earlier Powerful anonymous officials in the indian internet sector will first make wild allegations without proof to put the innocent and harmless text link publisher under surveillance for years wasting a huge amount of indian tax payer money. They will then steal her resume for mediocre lazy inexperienced greedy young women who are willing to sleep with the powerful officials to appoint these inexperienced young women to important government jobs at the expense of the experienced text link publisher.
In Goa at least a few young lazy greedy women. a diploma holder and bsc have benefited greatly from providing sexual favors to powerful officials . These lazy women do not do any work or spend any money online, yet their powerful shameless friends falsely claim that these cheaters are
domain investors
online exporters
experienced webmasters
experienced Ebay seller
engineers from top college
The diploma holder has also been rewarded for corporate espionage instead of being punished . The problem has become severe as not only the text link publisher been denied the opportunities she deserved, these lazy fraud women do not lose any opportunity to waste indian tax payer money to harass the online publisher, making her life difficult.

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