Textads remain popular because there is less scope for revenue theft

Many webmasters are preferring to show text link ads, because the advertising revenues for PPC and CPM advertising are allegedly stolen by government agencies withouta legally valid reason and without holding them accountable.

Till 2013, almost all the income of the domain investor was from advertising and it was sufficient to pay the domain renewal expenses.
It appears that the tech, internet companies, government agencies in India are collaborating to steal the advertising and parking revenues of some domain investors without a legally valid reason, taking advantage of the lack of transparency in the government agencies.
The domain investor is trying various ad networks to check the income
She is finding that one network is showing page views, while the other is not showing any page views at all for more than 12 hours
This clearly shows that advertising revenues for some domain investors are being systematically robbed by greedy government employees in india abusing their powers, causing great financial losses

In text ads, a fixed amount is paid every month, so there is less scope for revenue theft.