I Am Going to Find a New Job

I have been working pretty odd hours lately, I got my master’s license about 11 months ago almost exactly when the whole world went upside down on us all. I have been working as a NJ emergency plumber, meaning that you have some sort of disaster which can not wait until the morning or until I have had my breakfast and a good night’s sleep. The pay is really quite good, but to be honest I am getting pretty tired of the grind and the randomness of it all. Many days it is not that bad, not different than any other job. Of course to be honest the hours total out no less than I used to work when I was working on the side as well as working a steady job as a journeyman plumber. I have saved a lot of money, but of course it is hard to go out and spend your money lately. There just is not much open.

I used to go out to the bars near one of the college campuses and try to chase the college girls for example. Until recently the bars have been closed and all of students have been at home taking their classes over the internet. I would spend a lot of money, some times I might be buying beers for half a dozen girls just so I could talk to one of them. At any rate it is really hard to blow all your money if there is no one there to take it from you. I had something of a girlfriend for a bit, but she did not care for the erratic schedule that I kept. In fact she was the jealous sort and when I would take off all of a sudden, she did not really believe I was going to work at 11:00 PM.