My Great Idea is Paying off

When my husband left me, I immediately went into panic mode as I realized that I was going to have a rough time trying to support myself if I did not take action quickly. We have two very young children, and they would be spending most of their time with me, which meant more cost for me. This is what caused me to get into real estate. After getting my license, I found that I excelled at selling homes. I am doing really well now, and this past year, I began looking for an app developer in Singapore so that I could have an app created that would help me reach potential customers even easier.

My idea was to great something that would allow me to share all the homes that I have on the market to anyone who is interesting to get early access to them. My hope is that, with the app on people’s phones, they would take a look at it, see something they are interested in contacting me. The only place that I had been sharing my homes was on my website. That’s great if people remember to check out your web page, but I wanted a professional looking icon sitting on as many people’s phones as possible. That icon would serve to remind them that I may just have the home they’re looking for, and they should log in to check to see what I have.

I found a company that did the work for me. They did a pretty nice job, and I am proud to people to tell them that they can find homes I have listed now much more easily. In the first two weeks alone, I had two customers call me to inquire about houses they had seen thanks to the ability to do it on their phones. The next week, the same thing happened with two more customers. It’s even more of a success than I thought it would be.

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