I Have Been Working Seven Days a Week

Of course it is not as though I am going to tell the IRS about all of it. About three months ago I lucked into this job as a helper for an older guy who does AC replacement in Queens and the Bronx mostly. His boss told me that he was a huge pain in the rear and that he was getting older with all sorts of problems with his knees and his back. He also told me that I would be a fool if I did not try to learn what I could from him. All of that is true, the guy is a really big pain to deal with. I made him give me the keys to the pick up truck that we drive around. It was just terrifying to be a passenger in the thing while he drove. He is always on his phone working some sort of side deal it turns out and he never seemed to pay much attention to the road.

That is actually the real thing it turns out. I make really good money helping this guy on the clock, but he is always doing other stuff that the boss does not need to know about. Of course he obviously does know, but this guy really good at his job and so he pretends not to care. I make nearly as much money in cash working on these side jobs. Some times we get finished with our day job and go straight to another side job. One day this week I got up at 4:30 and got home at 1:15. We started on the clock at 5AM, worked right through to 1:45 and then we went a few blocks down the street and did an emergency replacement at a small office building. They had no heat and paid us to fix it immediately.