Text Link publisher victim of a major sex scam in India

As mentioned earlier Powerful anonymous officials in the indian internet sector will first make wild allegations without proof to put the innocent and harmless text link publisher under surveillance for years wasting a huge amount of indian tax payer money. They will then steal her resume for mediocre lazy inexperienced greedy young women who are willing to sleep with the powerful officials to appoint these inexperienced young women to important government jobs at the expense of the experienced text link publisher.
In Goa at least a few young lazy greedy women. a diploma holder and bsc have benefited greatly from providing sexual favors to powerful officials . These lazy women do not do any work or spend any money online, yet their powerful shameless friends falsely claim that these cheaters are
domain investors
online exporters
experienced webmasters
experienced Ebay seller
engineers from top college
The diploma holder has also been rewarded for corporate espionage instead of being punished . The problem has become severe as not only the text link publisher been denied the opportunities she deserved, these lazy fraud women do not lose any opportunity to waste indian tax payer money to harass the online publisher, making her life difficult.