My Great Idea is Paying off

When my husband left me, I immediately went into panic mode as I realized that I was going to have a rough time trying to support myself if I did not take action quickly. We have two very young children, and they would be spending most of their time with me, which meant more cost for me. This is what caused me to get into real estate. After getting my license, I found that I excelled at selling homes. I am doing really well now, and this past year, I began looking for an app developer in Singapore so that I could have an app created that would help me reach potential customers even easier.

My idea was to great something that would allow me to share all the homes that I have on the market to anyone who is interesting to get early access to them. My hope is that, with the app on people’s phones, they would take a look at it, see something they are interested in contacting me. Continue reading “My Great Idea is Paying off”

A Present for Two Wonderful Parents

As a way of saying thanks for all of the years that my parents have taken care of me, I wanted to give them the birthday present to end all presents. They were both celebrating their 60th birthday this year, and I had something special in mind that would blow their socks off. My parents had never traveled outside of the country, so I wanted to pay for both of them travel the world together. Such a trip requires a lot of money that I didn’t have. To pay for the trip, I used methods by Ewen Chia.

Chia was a whiz at marketing techniques, especially affiliate marketing. That’s why I needed the help of this tools. He was able to make millions from marketing, and I knew that if I did the same things he did, I would be able to afford the trip for my parents. The first thing I needed to make the money was a website. There was just one problem, and that was that I didn’t know how to make a website. I thought I was stuck, but then I realized that Chia didn’t know how to make a website when he first started. Continue reading “A Present for Two Wonderful Parents”

Best Attachments for a Vibrator

My boyfriend and I just recently broke up and it is kind of bittersweet for a few reasons. I guess this seems a bit crass to talk about right after the break up but one of the things that am going to miss the most about him is the sex. He was seriously the best sex I have ever had in my life and it is going to be hard to replace that. So I am going to look at magic wand attachments to buy for my vibrator to see if that can match the amount of pleasure that he used to give me when we were in bed together.

Of course, I am glad that we broke up for a lot of reasons as well, mostly because he was a jerk, did not treat me very well, and I think he might have been cheating on me as well. I do not have any proof that he was cheating on me. Well, not solid proof anyway, but I definitely suspect that was the case. Either way, the other things were enough to make sure that our relationship did not last any longer.

So I am going to have to replace the missing part of my sex life with him gone. I have really gotten addicted to having sex with him, I must admit. So I am definitely going to need a good vibrator. I am not sure if it will be enough to make up for it, but I will give it a shot and see how well it works as a replacement. I am going to go ahead and place an order for this one vibrator, and I hope that it will not take a long time for it to be delivered to my house, maybe I can get fast shipping.

The Death of the Bugs

Fall has come pretty quickly, and that means that all of the scary creatures and critters are coming inside to get warmth and a meal. I’ve already had to deal with flies during the summer, but now I have to deal with the spiders. People always tell me that spiders are good because they get rid of pests, but they haven’t been doing much of that in my home, because I’ve seen plenty of them sneaking around in my garage and in my home. I looked for an exterminator in NYC because the spiders and the other pests all needed to go.

Once I found an exterminator, I put in a desparte plea that he come to my home and get rid of these crawling creatuers before I lose my mind. The exterminator came over the next day and started spraying around the home and in the crevices and cracks inside the home. He put down some bait that the creatures would eat. Continue reading “The Death of the Bugs”

I Found That I Was Unable to Do This Simple Thing by Myself

I have always wanted an older house because of the character they have. I love some of the old architectural details in something that was built 50 years ago, compared to now. So, I decided to buy a 1950s house. I thought a lot of the work would be easy, but I found quickly that I’m not so good at some very basic things. For example, I needed to hire a painter in Bergen County NJ because I could not even seem to do a good job with painting.

I had a chance to look over some of the things that needed to be done when I did a “walk-through” with my real estate agent. I frantically scribbled down some of the things I wanted to carry out myself. I also wrote down things that I knew that I would need help with from someone who knows what they are doing. I had no idea that painting would fall into the latter group.

After picking out the colors that I wanted to use, I got to work. My painting lines were not clean. There is a lot of caulking around my shower and tub unit in the bathroom. I found that I had to paint the caulk, but it looked horrible afterward. It made it look like a room in a cheap hotel. I also struggled with getting a clean line where each of the four walls met the ceiling. Next, I tried to tackle the bathroom door, and you could see brush strokes all over the door. My old doors suddenly looked very cheap.

I immediately called in a pro painter to talk price. With it being as affordable as it is, I hired him immediately. It took me 2 days to cause the mess that I did on one small room. Yet he had two rooms done in a matter of one day.

What is a Fair Rate on a Loan?

I have been having some pretty difficult problems lately, both in my personal life and in my business. Of course my business is pretty much doing whatever I can to make a bit of money right now. I have basically been hiring myself out to people who need someone that can do the things that require a person with my computer programming skills. I have a project that I am thinking about performing, but it is going to take me a little bit of time and I am going to need to look for cash loans, although the amount of money I require is not all that big of a deal. The important thing is whether or not I can get a loan which makes sense under the circumstances. If I were sure that I would be able to pay it all back in a very short time, then the interest rate would not be a huge deal. However I really have a difficult time paying a high rate of interest on a small loan. Continue reading “What is a Fair Rate on a Loan?”

How Google and others sabotage text link publishers

Google may claim that do no evil is their official motto, yet indirectly it has used extremely unethical tactics to destroy competition especially
Top officials in the indian internet sector, are encouraged to waste tax payer money to make false allegation against innocent webmasters without proof, to defame, harass, cheat and exploit them for years. These arrogant powerful officials will not even bother to understand the business model of the small online publisher, and will spread the most vicious defamatory rumors, Unfortunately these cunning dishonest officials can remain anonymous, while ruining the life of an innocent online publisher.
These officials are extremely shameless and will never admit their mistake, though they have been proved to be wrong. Like all cowardly frauds these officials will never have the courage or honesty to justify their great fraud in an open debate where the person they have defamed has a chance to justify himself or herself.

Text Link publisher victim of a major sex scam in India

As mentioned earlier Powerful anonymous officials in the indian internet sector will first make wild allegations without proof to put the innocent and harmless text link publisher under surveillance for years wasting a huge amount of indian tax payer money. They will then steal her resume for mediocre lazy inexperienced greedy young women who are willing to sleep with the powerful officials to appoint these inexperienced young women to important government jobs at the expense of the experienced text link publisher.
In Goa at least a few young lazy greedy women. a diploma holder and bsc have benefited greatly from providing sexual favors to powerful officials . These lazy women do not do any work or spend any money online, yet their powerful shameless friends falsely claim that these cheaters are
domain investors
online exporters
experienced webmasters
experienced Ebay seller
engineers from top college
The diploma holder has also been rewarded for corporate espionage instead of being punished . The problem has become severe as not only the text link publisher been denied the opportunities she deserved, these lazy fraud women do not lose any opportunity to waste indian tax payer money to harass the online publisher, making her life difficult.